Pınar Vana started toll manufacturing in 1984 in industrial sector and in 1994 it created Nesil brand within framework of customer oriented understanding together with growing goal. Pınar Vana performed manufacturing in 20.000 square meter area in Konya. It provides many products such as sliding valve, fire hydrants, checkvalves, agricultural irrigation hydrants, butterfly valves, dismantling parts, cast joints and many products with its customers under Nesil brand.

It has Brand registration, TSE, TSEK, TS EN ISO 9001-2015 and CE certificates within framework of quality understanding.

Prior objective of our company is continuously improving product quality, to increase sales volume and production capacity properly and to present best quality with most suitable price by standard and mass production.

Pınar Dökün which continues to grow in sector is rightfully proud of using power and energy which are received for you for using again in service for you.